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Fusion 400

Fusion 400

QVI Fusion 400 is an innovative large field-of-view (LFOV) multisensor measurement system that offers power, speed and versatility to automate measurement and maximize throughput. It offers a generous 350x250x250 mm measurement volume, and the heart of its capability lies in its LFOV optical system. There are two selectable optical configurations — a 100 mm diagonal field-of-view Low Magnification with long depth of focus, and a 20 mm diagonal field-of-view High Magnification with autofocus.

With Fusion Low Mag, it’s easy to fit a number of parts into a single field-of-view. Feature Extraction analyzes any part and displays basic part geometry without the need for a programmed measurement routine. With AutoID, a previously programmed part — or multiple parts — may be placed anywhere on the stage, even without fixturing, and Fusion will accurately identify the parts and their orientation, and automatically measure them. The High Mag optical path allows up-close measurement of small features, with the added efficiency of autofocus.

Fusion 400 is fully multisensor-capable with available touch trigger probe, SP25 continuous contact scanning probe, and patented on-axis TeleStar® Plus interferometric TTL laser. Available micro-probes to measure fragile, deformable, or extremely small part features include Feather Probe and Rainbow Probe. Select sensors may be deployed rotationally so that full stage travel is accessible for measurement.

Fusion 400 is equipped with QVI ZONE3® premium CAD-based 3D metrology software. ZONE3 features a clear, simple user interface, and its kinematic model simulates the machine, part, fixtures, and measuring sensor, updated in real time. Built-in productivity maximizing tools, integrated GD&T functionality, and visual validation of measurement intent offer speed and power to the measurement process. ZONE3 supports simultaneous use of multiple sensors, making appropriate tools available for complex measurement tasks.

Measurement Volume

X axis
350 mm
Y axis
250 mm
Z axis250 mm

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